UPDATED : LEAKED : Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo images

UPDATE : Well..now what? @evleaks says “I Misspoke,Those watches are not Galaxy branded”  *sigh*DSC02529

UPDATE : We’ve got a clearer image of the 2 upcoming Galaxy Gears courtesy of the one and only @evleaks

We must say these look better when compared to their predecessor,according to this picture there seems to be some sort of a home button on bot these smartwatches,and the Neo version seems to be sporting a camera while the GG2  looks like it has a sensor on top.


Unfazed by the lackluster demand for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung is (ahem) gearing towards launching its successor. And it seems there are going to be not one but two new Galaxy Gear smartwatches this year.

An image just tweeted by none other than @evleaks shows us 2 Samsung smartwatches that look similar to the current one,They’re called Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. Taking Samsung’s recent naming convention into consideration, the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is bound to be simpler of the two new watches with more aggressive pricing.

From the blurry, low resolution image you can tell both watches still have a camera on them in the same position as the current Galaxy Gear but without the large hump surrounding the lens. There’s also what looks like a Home button below the display. Samsung does love it’s Home buttons but it’s unexpected to see it on a watch. The UI on the display looks similar to the current one.

We have heard that the SGG2 will run Android and the Neo version will reportedly run Tizen

Stay tuned for more news…..

Source : @evleaks