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Andro Dollar is a Sri Lankan Tech Website which attracts a worldwide audience. If you’re looking to get some exposure for your business or product, you can now Advertise on Andro Dollar.

The following are the possible advertising methods.

  • Sidebar – Random Position (Homepage and all article pages)
  • Sidebar – Top position – Home page and all pages
  • Footer (Homepage and all article pages)
  • Inside a specific article
  • Dedicated Sponsored Post
  • Dedicated Sponsored Video on Andro Dollar’s Youtube Channel
  • Sponsor of an Andro Dollar Youtube Video
  • Sponsored Advertisement on Andro Dollar’s Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Google+ Page

If you are interested in advertising, and if you want to know the prices, please fill the Form below or contact Banu on +94 777781061. Communication can be done via Whatsapp as well.

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    Sponsored Posts

    We can publish sponsored posts for your website or product. Contact us if you want a sponsored post at Andro Dollar.

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    • We can provide a written or video review or an unboxing of your product with the key features and other details. You can also give us an already written review to publish.
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