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Technicians working on electronics or motherboard

HOW TO : Fix a PC that won’t start up

Every time your PC doesn’t start up don’t always expect the worst. Most of the time they are issues that you can fix by yourself. That is why I decided to put together a useful list of things to do to fix a PC ...

HOW TO : Use Google Duo

Duo, is the latest video calling app released by Google. It's quite similar to Facetime from Apple but this has some unique features that make it just user friendly and there aren't much options so anyone can install and easily use it. But, For those of you wh...

HOW TO : Use Google Allo

Allo, is the latest messaging app released by Google. Oh, Another Messaging app you might think; but Allo is quite attractive due to the amazing things it brings. Google has built a messaging platform with Goog...

HOW TO : Fix WhatsApp when it doesn’t work

Whatsapp is absolutely something that everyone must be using right now and for a lot of people it is something you can't live without. Therefore I thought of making this tutorial that goes through the possible ...
iOS 9 Public Beta2

HOW TO : Install iOS 9 Public Beta

Apple unveiled iOS 9 along with OS X El Capitan few weeks ago, and it is available for Registered Apple Developers as well. For the first time ever, Apple is now allowing any iDevice user to try the latest iOS Firmware as a Beta Test. If you own an iDevice, ev...