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IP stands for 'Ingress Protection' An IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment. These ratings are determined by specific tests. (more&helli...
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EXPLAINED : Top Linux commands for beginners

As you spend more and more time working on Linux environment, you tend to learn some cool tricks that make your life easy and save you lot of time. Here are a few commands that should make things easier for you...
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Its a phone! No it's a tablet!....No its a PHABLET!!!.Wikipedia defines a phablet as "a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet) is a class of mobile device designed to combine or straddle the functions of a ...

EXPLAINED : NFC (Near Field Communication)

Most people don't realize the power of NFC because they don't exactly know what it is. Here I'm going to give you a quick introduction to NFC. Wikipedia Defines NFC as, Near field communication (NFC) is a s...