Its a phone! No it’s a tablet!….No its a PHABLET!!!.Wikipedia defines a phablet as “a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet) is a class of mobile device designed to combine or straddle the functions of a smartphone and tablet. Phablets are characterized by the use of large screens, typically with a diagonal size between 5 to 6.9 inches (130 to 180 mm), which complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing. Phablets may also include software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus to facilitate sketching, note-taking and annotation. While Samsung’s Galaxy Note is largely credited with pioneering the worldwide phablet market when launched in 2011,examples of early devices with similar form factors date back all the way to 1993″

In some markets, especially the Asia Pacific region, consumers have already decided to buy a large smartphone rather than a small tablet,tablet sales are seeing a decline in the past year, but Tom Manneli, an IDC analyst said it’s possible that the tablet market will shift back to larger tablets in a reversal of the recent trend toward sub-8-in. tablets. “I tend to think that is what will happen in the U.S.,” he said. One example is the new iPad Air, with a 9.7-in. display.The analysis firm Canalys recently predicted that tablet shipments will reach 285 million units, higher than IDC’s forecast for 2014 of 270.5 million. The phablet market is largely dominated by Samsung these days,A few examples are the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 with a 6.3″display as the name implies, And the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 measuring 5.7″.Apple seems to be trying its best with its iPads.Also in 2014, Canalys said tablets will almost outship all PC’s combined,a category including desktops and laptops.