Trump Orders Google To Suspend Huawei’s Android License

As we know there is a trade war going in-between US and China for some time now. This time around Huawei faces a huge problem. Huawei is known to be the second biggest smart-phone manufacturer and the key 5G network equipment provider. Some companies such as Google, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm have suspended business with Huawei due to an executive order by the President of the United States. Which simply means that any future smart-phones will come without Google services or any sort of networking hardware.

Google confirmed that all the services such as Google Play and Google Security will still keep functioning on the existing Huawei devices. Huawei has its own flagship chips such as Kirin 980 which supports 5G with the help of the Balong 5000 modem. Huawei is known to be heavily dependent on U.S. semiconductor products and would be seriously in trouble without supply of key U.S components. 

Some manufacturers like Intel provide server chips, Xilinx sells programmable chips for networking and Broadcom is a supplier for switching chips, all of them here help Huawei to keep up its infrastructure unsinkable. Anyways this whole situation could force Huawei to launch its devices globally just like how they appear in China. without all the essential apps such as Calendar, Gmail, Chrome and most likely Google Play. This means that their aim to become the top smart phone company is going to be pushed back and the global sales will be effected highly.