More power is always better right? Meet Aukey’s 20000mAh Powerbank.

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Buy it from here.

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  • Ekendra Edrisinghe

    Hi! I just ordered a Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 2010 from Amazon as I have had a poor experience with power banks purchased online locally.

    Are you happy with Aukey so far??

    • Yes. The only problem I have with this Aukey Powerbank is the lack of a proper indicator for the battery life left. Even though it has a system where the power button colour indicates it by flashing, I prefer the one on Xiaomi powerbanks where it is very clear how much juice is there. Just personal preference. If not this is a great powerbank!

      • Ekendra Edrisinghe

        Thank you for your response… Wonder if you were able to have a look at the clip I sent about using an additional SIM/sdCard to obtain dual SIM facility and extended external memory?

        • I personally don’t recommend it, but you could try it if you want…

          • Ekendra Edrisinghe

            Wonder why?

          • As there is a possibility of losing the warranty as well as the device not working well when handling everything at once.

          • Ekendra Edrisinghe

            OK. Thanks

          • Ekendra Edrisinghe

            By the way Kaymu is offering MI power banks but not cheap. Dealzone are ignoring my repeated request to replace the defective Samsung 20000 mAh power bank which does not charge off a Samsung wall socket charger. Fortunately I am able to charge it with the PC and the car charger. There must be some circuitry in the wall socket charger that can “see” a problem with the power bank.

          • There are many powerbanks available, please get Genuine powerbanks to avoid problems 🙂

          • Ekendra Edrisinghe

            Dealzone agreed to take back the Samsung 20000 mAh and I purchased a MI 16000 mAh from them. Looks OK

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