Samsung Patents a new type of interface, that makes one-handed tasks simple

Alot of companies tend to Patent things that they think will revolutionize. Samsung Patented a new type of thumb friendly interface, which will make one-hand operation much easier. According to the system will work as show on the diagrams below.Samsung Patent (2) Samsung Patent (1)

Sammy showed off some new types of features which will benefit single hand usage on mobile phones with the Galaxy Note 3 by taking Single Hand operations to the next level by allowing users to re-size the screen to any size they want just by applying some neat gestures. Alot of people have been loving this feature as this makes work easier.

Now Samsung is trying to introduce a new type of system that will have the items in an awkward, diagonal position which will make single handed usage simpler. Even the keyboard is tiled. We will have to wait and see how the story progress on this one.

This is going to be really useful since the average smart phone size just keeps increasing. Back in 2010 the average phone was about 4″ or below but now the average is around 5″ but most people still enjoy using Phablets like the Note 3 which is 5.7″.

Patent applications are not good predictors of future products; in many cases, companies file for patents even without a clear plan to turn their ideas into products. With that said, this invention appears to be an evolution of the One handed Operation mode that Samsung already implements on the Note 3, so there’s a good chance it will eventually make it to TouchWiz.

This might be apart of the Next TouchWiz. We will have to wait and see on which device it will debut on, the Galaxy S5, Note 4 or the rumored “PREMIUM” Galaxy line.

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Source – Android Authority