In just two months, Samsung ships 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Andro$ Remixed (1)For those of you who were worried about Samsung on the heels of disappointing sales of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4, you can officially stop worrying. While not sales to end users, Samsung has shipped 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet in two months. Now this is certainly not the fastest moving Galaxy model. Right off the bat, the Galaxy S4 shipped the same amount in just one month, but this is the fastest selling Galaxy Note phablet to be shipped from Sammy’s warehouse.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note took 9 months to reach 10 million units shipped, while the Samsung GALAXY Note II achieved this in 4 months. And with some new color options on the way, there could be continued demand for the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung says that in September, it released the phablet in 50 countries and sales remain strong in Southeast Asian countries like China, South Korea, and Japan.

As of October, 30 million units of the Samsung GALAXY Note II were sold by the Korean OEM. Considering that the current phablet is running at a pace double that of the previous model, we could see 60 million units of the Galaxy Note 3 sell before all is said and done.