Apple starts the season early with 12 Days of Gifts


Apple likes to run an annual holiday giveaway, and this year we’re not only seeing the company’s 12 Days of Gifts promotion become available in more areas than ever before, but also get things started a little early, with the first gift already available.

The main stretch of Apple’s gift-giving kicks off the day after Christmas, running through the first week of the new year. Each day, Apple will have some new download available for you, including apps, music, movies, and other types of media. The gifts will only be available for one day a pop, so you’ll have to keep up with the app in order to get them all as they’re released.

Before those even begin becoming available, Apple has an early treat for its users, getting them started with some downloads from singer Lorde, including her new single “No Better.” If you’ve got an iOS device, hit up that iTunes link to get the app for yourself, snag today’s download, and get ready for next week when these floodgates really start opening.

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