Nokia Lumia Jailbreak might arrive sooner than you think



If you are interested in smartphones, you might have heard of the term; “Jailbreaking” It’s a common term used among iOS users which refers to the state of getting access to modify System Files (ROM). This is somewhat similar to what you get on Android; Rooting. By rooting/jailbreaking users gain access to Read Only Memory to take control of their device.

Well..what if i say that a group of Chinese people have jailbroke the Nokia Lumia 920! Yes you read it right. This would allow Windows Phone users to take full advantage of their devices and master it like a professional. They have also created a App Market like Cydia for iOS which has all the cool new applications built just right in to take advantage of your new Lumia 920.

This shows that although Windows Phone is less noticed when compared to Operating Systems like Android/iOS it is growing rapidly which is really good. This could be a turning point for the Windows Mobile Platform as it would help to gain much attention of the users who are more likely to go with either Android or iOS.

You can check the original Chinese video here

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