LEAKED : Metal Pebble Smartwatch

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The Pebble smartwatch receives a lot of praise for its functionality, but its looks could be better – imagine if it had a stainless steel casing and Gorilla glass, with a metal wristband to boot. As it turns out, this might be less than a month away from reality as the smartwatch leaked in photos, presumably shortly before its official unveiling at CES.


According to the rumors, the Pebble Steel watch will come in two color versions – brushed steel and matte black,aside from the metal casing, you’ll also have a choice between metal and leather wrist straps. While it’s perhaps not the prettiest watch, this could be one of the best-looking smartwatches.The Steel will retain all the earlier feautres and functionality of the original Pebble,which is quite enough really, it was the build that the consumers found hard to digest.

One obvious fact is that the new version will be more pricier than its predecessor who is priced at 150 $,The rumored price of the new Pebble Steel is said to be around 240 $.The teaser image that Pebble released does promise us that something interesting is coming up.