Samsung to include Fingerprint scanners on its devices in 2014?


According to a report from DigiTimes, Samsung is planning to add fingerprint scanning technology to its smartphones in 2014. The company has reportedly talked to Validity and Sweden-based FingerPrint Cards (FPCs), the former of which also supplied the fingerprint sensors for HTC’s One Max – according to the report, the supply of these sensors may not be able to meet demands, as even LG is looking forward to offering its customers the added security measure of fingerprint scanning.

Previous rumors have suggested that Samsung was not yet convinced that fingerprint technology has advanced far enough to warrant a place on smartphone, with the one company having the most advanced fingerprint tech being owned by Apple, and has therefore decided not to add fingerprint scanning to devices in its immediate future, including the Galaxy S5 (which is supposedly going to feature the far more advanced eye/retina scanning technology as rumored).

However, a recent report indicated that Samsung would implement fingerprint scanning on at least one device in 2014, but we’ll have to wait and see if the debut is made on the Galaxy S5 or some other handset after the company’s next flagship.

Source – DigiTimes