First Snapdragon 805 devices rumored to launch as soon as May

A new report indicates that the first devices packing Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 805 will be launched at some point in the first half of the year, earlier than anticipated.


The company has just recently announced its latest flagship mobile processor saying that it will become broadly available in the first half of the year, without specifying any partners or actual device launch dates. However, Engadget recently reported that the processor will be available in devices only in the second half of the year, after visiting the company’s headquarters.

Now rbmen reports it has learned the processor will arrive as soon as May, which means that some of the flagship Android devices expected to debut in the first half of the year may include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU after all.

Apparently a Qualcomm official told the publication at CES 2014 that the processor will be commercially available this spring . I’d say don’t get your hopes up just yet, as we’re yet to see any phone or tablet maker officially announce devices running on a Snapdragon 805 CPU.

Here’s a table of comparison between the Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 805.Meanwhile,  we’re going to get back to waiting for Samsung, HTC and Sony to unveil new high-end handsets for the first half of the year.