LEAKED : Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot

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A leaked screenshot of Windows Phone 8.1 has surfaced showing what looks to be a panel for quick settings similar to the control center for iOS. Obtained by TheWinCentral, the screenshot aligns nicely with the previously leaked snap from evleaks, which showed on-screen navigation buttons.

big - LEAKED : Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot

If the screenshot is showing us the real deal, a quick drawer panel will be available when you swipe down from the top of the screen. It takes about half of the display and holds two volume rockers for ringer and notifications plus media and apps. There’s also a shortcut for silent mode and settings in addition to quick music controls.

It’s possible for the screenshot to be photoshopped, so we won’t hold our breath too much on it.

Nevertheless, the notification area still hasn’t leaked. Quite possibly, it won’t be too much different from the style guidelines of the quick settings drawer that we see on the left.

Also we shouldn’t forget that Microsoft is also working on its own virtual personal assistant for Windows Phone. It’s believed to be called “Cortana” and will be deeply integrated into the OS experience just iOS and Android do with Siri and Google Now.

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