Is this the best waterproofing solution ever?

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P2i’s core patented technology uses a unique pulsed-plasma process to apply an ultrathin fluoropolymer coating onto the internal and external surfaces of electronic devices. This dramatically lowers the surface energy of the device so water and other liquids are repelled. Known as P2i’s Splash-proof technology, this OEM validated process is already protecting tens of millions of devices.

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As a technology solutions provider and owners of IP for the liquid repellent nano-coating technology, P2i is now working with pioneering partners on the commercialisation of Dunakble™. Dunkable™ is a leading-edge hydrophobic barrier technology which allows even greater levels of water protection.

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P2i partners with leading global brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to apply the liquid repellent nano-coating technology during the manufacturing process. With hundreds of nano-coating systems across customer sites around the world, P2i’s technology is dramatically increasing the reliability of electronic devices, through added protection against accidental splashes and spills.