LEAKED : BlackBerry OS 10.3 screenshots

A number of screenshots have leaked showing the new BlackBerry OS 10.3. The new OS release seems to bring a Neat, Cleaner UI. The theme used to be favouring Red and Black as you can see in the images below.


BB10_www.androdollar (1)


On the homescreen the icon shadow has been removed, from what we can see. The music player’s play button has also been emphasized.

BB10_www.androdollar (2)

The keyboard has received a new layout and colour scheme. There’s also a screenshot of smart search, which looks like a universal search of sorts.

BB10_www.androdollar (3)

The camera seems to have a new timer, panorama mode, 720p video recording in both 30 and 60 fps and automatic HDR mode suggestion when the camera senses the conditions call for it. The camera UI also features the cleaner look with a single red shutter.

BB10_www.androdollar (4)

Further on there will be some smart features like disabling the display when the phone detects it’s been turned on its face or is in a pocket. and a redesigned settings menu.

BB10_www.androdollar (5)

And finally, the most interesting part is the addition of a new voice assistant. We see its UI below but sadly don’t learn anything about it – no name or possible features. We will report further on this, once more details are out.

BB10_www.androdollar (6)

There’s no telling when the new OS 10.3 will hit BlackBerry devices, but it shows that BlackBerry is still committed to improving the OS even amid the disappointing smartphone sales. We might see the launch of another Blackberry Flagship along with this. So stay tuned, as we will update you with the latest information.

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