HTC Blinkfeed & Zoe coming to other Android devices Soon !

So the All new HTC One launched the other day, and now HTC is promising to bring Blinkfeed and Zoe to all the other Android devices.


HTC, opened Blinkfeed and the Camera for developers, so that they can make it cooler from the new HTC One. They also released the HTC launcher with Blinkfeed & the HTC Service pack to the HTC devices. The move allows HTC to update some of its core apps without the need to release a new firmware for its phones. Google started doing the same thing last year when it released the Google Play Services as a separate app in the Play Store. With it, and other key Google apps of Android can release updates to some of Android’s core services without needing the handset manufactures to release new firmware versions like the Google Keyboard.

Blinkfeed is HTC’s “Flipboard” that displays your social network updates, calendar events, news, music and other content in one place. With HTC BlinkFeed you don’t need to open multiple apps to see what is going on, all your content is gatherd together in one convenient stream. There is now an SDK which allows 3rd parties to integrate their own content. The new News Bundles feature brings together articles and tweets on the same topic from over 1000+ content providers. HTC has also integrated Foursquare and Fitbit and it is said more will come soon.


At the moment the Blinkfeed app is only available for the HTC One (M8) however the company has announced that it will now release the app for other Android devices.

Following its popularity with HTC users, HTC will now make HTC BlinkFeed available to other Android devices, launching on the Google Play store soon. : HTC

While not similarly confirmed in the press release, The Verge has heard from HTC directly that Zoe will indeed be available for non-HTC Androids.

HTC hasn’t released any details about which devices it will be supporting. It could just release the app for other HTC handsets but we hope it will open the app up to a wide range of devices. Are you as excited for this as We are? Don’t forget to drop a comment.

Source – HTC, The Verge