Xiaomi announces MIUI 6 with a much Cleaner Look

We have been hearing about MIUI 6 for sometime now and Finally today we get to see the Complete Package as Xiaomi has Finally announced MIUI 6. MIUI 6 will be bringing a design overhaul with more colorful, minimalist looks, enhanced security and new phone features and it looks like iOS 7 for starters. The update is currently in beta phase but should soon make its way to the Xiaomi devices First (like the Mi 4 and Mi 3) and even to devices from other makers soon after.

MIUI 6 brings a less-distracting, simpler UI and people will be able to get used to it easier according to Xiaomi. There are alot of Colours Involved in MIUI 6, just like we saw circles with iOS 7. Some apps even appear to have an immersive parallax effect and the iOS like Translucency is also there.


Built in apps like the Phone Book , Music Player and Messaging have got more visually pleasing and they have got new features as well.

MIUI 6 has new gestures for the homescreen along with a redesigned notification shade with toggles and also a new Power Menu. The notification center shows notifications on the lockscreen. The Theme Center is also growing Everyday so we can expect to see more cleaner themes from now on.

Here’s the Video sent out by Xiaomi showing MIUI in action.

Checkout this Thread over at the MIUI Forum to see Screenshots and Functions of MIUI 6.

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Source – MIUI