Alcatel announces the “PIXI 3” Smartphone powered by Triple Operating Systems; Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS

CES is going to happen in Las Vegas from the 6th-9th January and we can expect some great devices there. Today we have got an early look at Alcatel’s Newest Smartphone in the PIXI Line, and it’s the PIXI 3. What’s so special about the PIXI 3? It’s “OS-Agnostic”, meaning it will run 3 Operating Systems, Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

At this point, We are not sure how exactly this is going to work, but we will surely see more details at CES 2015. What I think will happen is, Alcatel will provide the firmware files for the device, so the user can easily switch between, or there is still a slight chance of the device triple booting, and if that’s the case, that could be pretty awesome.

Alcatel also promises a simple way for cross-device integration between the smartphones and PCs, offering a “more familiar environment”. At this point we are not exactly sure what this means as well.

According to Alcatel, The PIXI 3 will come in 4 different sizes, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, and 5” and all models will support 4G LTE except the 3.5” version, which will only allow a 3G data connection.

At this point that’s all we know about this device. Hopefully we will learn more soon. Stay tuned to Andro Dollar, as I will update this post with the latest news on this cool device.

Along with this announcement, Alcatel also announched an “Affordable” Smartwatch.

So are you interested in a device powered by 3 Operating Systems? Would you like to see something like this from the main players in the smartphone world as well? Let me know in the comments section below and Share this with your friends and let them know about the latest addition to the Mobile World.

Source – Prnewswire

Via – The Verge