Microsoft unveils the Surface Book; a 13″ Laptop Hybrid device packed with Power

Microsoft has been making devices under the “Surface” brand for quite sometime now, but all those devices were tablets, with a keyboard dock and a touch screen which could be used as a Laptop as well. Today Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book, which is Laptop, but could become a Tablet too. To be precise, it’s another solid Hybrid device from Microsoft, with a keyboard base and a detachable tablet.

The screen on the Surface Book is bigger at 13.5″ when compared to the other Surface devices. The screen supports the same pen and touch experience Surface users are familiar with.

The keyboard offers backlit keys with 1.6mm travel and a glass trackpad with 5 touch points. It looks quite nice as well.

The Dynamic Fulcrum hinge on the the Surface Book handles much more like a traditional laptop, you can safely pick it up by the screen. And if you detach the keyboard, you’re left with just the tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Book is impressively powerful too. Microsoft claims its twice as fast as a MacBook Pro. It comes with a 6th gen Intel Core (i5 or i7), up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage. All that and you’re looking at 12 hours of battery life. I would personally love to test how well this will hold up to though, but on paper it looks great.

The Surface Book packs a GeForce GPU. It will be used for gaming, of course, but will help GPU accelerated apps too. The GPU is optional and goes into the keyboard base, when you detach that the Intel GPU takes over.

The Surface Book comes with stereo speakers on the front, a magnesium body, two USB 3.0 ports and a full size SD card slot. You also get a 5MP selfie camera plus an 8MP camera on the back.

The Microsoft Surface Book comes with a premium price as well, but it might be worth it. It will cost $1,500. Pre-orders start on October 7, while it will be available to buy on the 26th of October.

Has Microsoft stepped up it’s game? What do you think of their new Laptop – Tablet or should I say Hybrid?

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