Apple unveils a magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch for $79

Yesterday we saw a brand new Apple Watch accessory leak out online, and turns out the leaked accessory is a Magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch. Apple unveiled it with a sleek and attractive design. The dock will charge your device with the display facing up or at a 90 degree angle, for Nightstand mode, though it doesn’t come cheap.

Talking about the price, the The new charging dock costs $79. It’s available to order now, but won’t actually arrive until Nov. 20 according to Apple’s website. The dock is already in stock at some physical Apple Stores if you need it immediately.

The design is classic Apple, with a simple but elegant style. It’s also all white besides a few small metal accents, with a Lightning port in back.

The actual charging component sits in the middle and flips up. The watch will automatically activate Nightstand mode when it’s in the 90-degree position, turning the device into an alarm clock and the Digital Crown into a snooze button.

If you have an Apple Watch, then you might want to get one for yourself soon.

Source – Apple