The AutoDock – Awesome Dock for your Smartphone [AD]

The AutoDock is a very powerful yet elegant automation tool that replaces the hassle of charging cords. We all know how charging cords are and how annoying they can be. We always have to check which side is correct before plugging in with Micro USB cables and with lightening or USB C cables we still have to find the exact place of the charging port and plug it. I’m sure many of us find this extremely annoying.

This is where AutoDock comes into play. AutoDock is unlike any other charging dock solution that is out there. With AutoDock, you can choose your connector type, make a one-time adjustment and the AutoDock becomes you’re ready and waiting, robotic assistant. When you casually place your phone in the AutoDock, it positions and secures your device while instantly making an optimal connection. This is hassle free and extremely well designed so you will love to use it. You will never have to worry about breaking your cords or damaging your phone because you plugged the cable the wrong way.

The AutoDock will be available in Lightning cables for the Apple iPhone, Micro-USB or USB-Type C options as well for other Android devices so you can use any device you want. You will be happy to know that the AutoDock supports fast charging for all compatible devices. It can also be used for data transfers by connecting to a PC.

This device works just as well as it is promised, and this is guaranteed to simplify your life. You can use this at Home, or at Office.

The AutoDock will soon be on Kickstarter and you can be a part of this amazing campaign and be one of the lucky few people to have the all new AutoDock. Excited to try it out? Visit the AutoDock website to sign up now.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.