Meet the A-iEasy – The Lightest and Thinnest Smartphone Holder Ever [AD]

A-iEasy™ is a foldable stand for smartphones with a low profile and sleek design. This ultrathin smartphone holder features a slim 2.4 mm profile and is incredibly light. When it’s not in use, the A-iEasy™ won’t get in your way, but will be ready in seconds when you need to get the phone propped up. Its extremely light, hardly 6 grams.

A-iEasy™ is the first of its kind. No other smartphone stand offers the same compact and lightweight design. The stand allows you to display the phone in landscape or portrait mode so you can easily work, watch videos, play games, or communicate without having to manually support the phone. Its universal design allows you to use the holder on any smartphone and an adjustable stand lets you to decide what angle the phone sits at.

The holder is easy-to-use: just pull, lock, twist, and click. It won’t come open in your pocket or bag and will never be a struggle to use or put away. Available in 40 custom designs and 4 diverse collections, there is an A-iEasy™ to suit anyone’s tastes. The strong and flexible material will prevent the stand from breaking and the non-toxic material is an eco-friendly option for the environmentally concerned.

The A-iEasy™ team is introducing this revolutionary product through Kickstarter, where backers will have a chance to take advantage of amazing deals and try it out for themselves. The product has already been a success on Indiegogo when they first introduced it. But now they are back with new colors and designs that appeal to everyone.

To learn more about the A-iEasy and to pre-order yours on Kickstarter, visit their project page here.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.