CyanogenMod installer pulled from Google Play for violating terms of service

The Cyanogenmod Installer was launched about 3 weeks ago from the play store to the public, but now it seems that Google have pulled the application from the Google Play Store since “it is in violation of Google Play’s developer terms.” The Cyanogenmod site site explains the situation as follows.

Today, we were contacted by the Google Play Support team to say that our CyanogenMod Installer application is in violation of Google Play’s developer terms.

They advised us to voluntarily remove the application, or they would be forced to remove it administratively. We have complied with their wishes while we wait for a more favorable resolution”

Cyanegonmod (2)For those who don’t know what the Cyanogenmod installer is, it is an application that guides the user to install Cyanogenmod in a simple and easy way. All the user has to do is just follow the steps on the phone and the desktop software.

Cyanogenmod team contacted Google after removing the app from the store & It was reportedly told that although the “application itself is harmless,” it would not be allowed in the store as it “encourages users to void their warranty” by giving access to bootladers and flashing third-party software. CyanogenMod; which has more than 8 million users; updates and extends Android, bringing new features to devices that manufacturers have stopped updating.

Sadly everything points out to this being permanent, which is such an irony since Android is supposed to be open to everything. At times when you can install apps like ROM Manager, which I personally love, it’s such an oddity that Google changes their mind about CyanogenMod since they both invite you to void your warranty.

For those who still need to install Cyanegonmod you can side-load it here. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly to do a safe installation. Click here to see if your device is supported.

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Cyanegonmod Installer

Source – Cyanogenmod