GTA : San Andreas coming to iOS, Android & Windows Phone this December

GTA : San Andreas
GTA : San Andreas

Rockstar released its latest game, GTA V on Gaming Consoles not that long ago and it was a Huge Success. Before this recent blockbuster there were several other ground breaking hits by Rockstar.  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was among one of the best-selling titles for the PS2, and ten years after its initial release fans will be able to enjoy the same game, on their mobile devices. This shows how far mobile devices have come in terms of performance and raw power.

Rockstar states that the game has been ‘upgraded’ for its mobile release.  Remastered graphics and other game engine details aside, the best part about the release is that the release fully supports physical game-pads like the Moga Pro. That, alone, should be sufficient to convince people to buy the game.

Rockstar released GTA 3 & GTA : Vice City some time back and now tries to grab the attention of the Mobile Gamers by releasing yet another Great game.

Source – Rockstar