Android Device Manager App released !

Android Device Manager (1)

A smartphone that’s been stolen or misplaced is quite an inconvenience indeed. So the release of Android Device Manager past summer by Google would seems to be a god sent to most users. It let’s you view where your phone was located, activate a lock screen, and if push came to shove, remotely wipe all data. Further improvements that were implemented included the ability to remotely change lock screen passwords, but one key component of ADM remained missing: while you could easily track your phone through ADM’s web-based portal. At the time of launch Google mentioned that an ADM app was in the making,It took over four months, but it’s finally here, coming to the Play Store today.

If you’re the kind that has a cartload of Android phones and tablets,having access to an ADM Android app has the potential to be a real lifesaver. You’ll be able to perform all those actions you could through the ADM web interface, but with the convenience and friendly UI you’ve come to expect from Android apps.The app is so simple in fact,we wonder why it took so long. Get it on the Google Play Store Now.

Available on Google Play