Glitch discovered in Samsung’s Knox software

We have now migrated from Blackberry to iOS and Android, this is more so in the corporate world. In a bid to gain some of that corporate market share,Samsung created Knox,A software which attempts to make Google’s OS more safer to use, and make it secure for business environments. However, a “serious vulnerability” has been found in Knox which could put users’ data at risk.


This issue was reportedly identified earlier this month. Samsung however denies the vulnerability by arguing that the tested handset did not have all the features of Knox installed According to researchers at the Ben Gurion University of Negev in Israel, emails and data communications are among the data that are susceptible to exploit. Hackers are able to record and “easily interpret” ¬†protected data.The biggest problem here is that a capable hacker could insert a hostile code via the breach and create system-wide harm.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is being considered for use the US Department of Defense’s staff,including internal use in the Pentagon.If the handsets are deemed insecure,then there is absolutely no way that the government will use the phones. Samsung could lose a big contract here if Knox is found to be vulnerable.