The New Apple Mac Pro boasts a removable CPU


Apple started teasing the new Mac Pro earlier this year.It was believed that radical changes would be made to the computer. That is true, it has an all new design and its more powerful than ever before.They were able to start shipping it before the end of December and meet their deadline of shipping the new units by the end of the month.Customers have already started receiving their units and the folks at Other World Computing decided perform a teardown of a new Mac Pro.

The teardown reveals that the Intel Xeon E5 processor on Mac Pro is removable, meaning that there is a possibility of future upgrades.All the 4 processors employ the LGA 2011 socket.And since the processor isn’t soldered like all the other Macs, A customer can upgrade his processor if ever he needs to.Another bit of good news is that not only does the new Mac Pro use socketed CPUs, it also uses traditional RAM slots, which means that even the RAMs are user-upgradable.Apple seems to be finally heading the right way.

Source – Macrumors