Galaxy S5 to make its Debut in March-April

Well after wowing us all with their Galaxy Pro Lineup at CES 2014, The Korean smartphone giant is planning to do so once again with the rumored Galaxy S5 around the March or April timeframe and that it plans to launch an updated version of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the same time.



Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s mobile EVP, teased that the design of the Galaxy S5 is going to be different than its predecessors, explaining that consumer reaction to the Galaxy S 4 wasn’t as big as it could’ve been because the device looked so similar to the Galaxy S III. “For the S5, we will go back to the basics. Mostly, it’s about the display and the feel of the cover,” Lee said. The exec didn’t offer any specific details about the S5’s design or features, but she did say that Samsung is “studying the possibility” of including iris-recognition tech in its high-end handsets.

However earlier we saw A lot of the rumors talking about a Metal Samsung Galaxy S5. Then a chassis of a device which is around 5″ leaked and is assumed to be of the Galaxy S5s chassis.


According to Samsung, the plans for the Galaxy S5 are to return to the basics, which in the case of Samsung means to revamp the phone as much as they can each year. In the company’s statement, this phone won’t just be about the display, but also about the feel of the phone in hand.

We may even get the best of both worlds as another report suggests that Samsung is prepping two versions of the Galaxy S5 – one metal, one polycarbonate, which could also be carbon fibre. We reckon that’s pretty unlikely, but could suggest the Korean firm is toying with both materials.

Processor and Internals

There was a lot of buzz around the 64-bit A7 processor which Apple stuffed inside the iPhone 5S and it’s been blowing up benchmark tests left right and centre, and it looks like Samsung wants a bit of the action.

There’s no question that the Galaxy S5 will be a powerhouse of a phone. According to reports, The Galaxy S5 will have a 64bit chip according to reports and it will be bundled with 3GB of Ram. However some sources still say the Ram will be bumped up but we think the chances of that happening is low as Samsung has been bumping up Ram each year with the Galaxy Note line. So that might not happen; but still 3GB is plenty.


The big talk is that Samsung will bump the resolution. Samsung already has a display that’s sharper than the human eye can detect, so why would it go any sharper? It’s not all about sharpness, as it could also lead to improved colour performance and refresh rate for slicker video and animations.

Given Samsung wants to go 4K for its 2015 smartphones, the halfway resolution makes sense for next year’s devices. In fact a resolution of 2560 x 1440 briefly popped up alongside the SM-G900S model number on a benchmark test.

In terms of the screen tech for the Galaxy S5, since Samsung has always stuck AMOLED panels on its flagships, we think they will stick with AMOLED.


Just a few days ago we reported on the LEAKED Tocuwiz UI that was under tests, this might be the one (or might be improved) and a lot of us liked the looks. Also it will be based on Android 4.4 Kitkat. However we think it will have a lot of similarities to the Freshly introduced Magazine UX thats used on the New PRO line of tablets by samsung.


The Galaxy S4 rocked up with a pretty decent 13MP camera on its rear, but rumors surrounding Galaxy S5 suggest it will take things a little further with a 16MP snapper. The same report from the Electronic Times News also mentioned that the Galaxy S5 would sport the same optical image stabilisation (OIS) tech as the LG G2.

Samsung has announced a new CMOS image sensor dubbed ISOCELL which will almost certainly debut in the Galaxy S5, after the company told analysts the tech would be appearing in phones during 2014 and 2015. We will have to wait and see which way Samsung will go.


There was alot of buzz when it came to the Fingerprint scanning and the Galaxy S5. Alot of people wanted and thought Samsung will put it but at this point the reports highly suggest it will have some kind of iris scanning technology which will unlock the device just by looking at it. The eye scanning tech has been given more backing after a Samsung exec spoke to Bloomberg and said “Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology. We are studying the possibility.”

Samsung will also bump up the battery size as usual. At this point we do not have any idea about the figures.

Samsung will also include all sorts of new features and stuff. After all thats what they do every time. Some may call them Gimmicks but there are alot of people that use these fancy features.


As the rumor mill explodes everyday we will keep this post updated with all the latest Galaxy S5 rumors. So don’t forget to come back and tell your friends about it. Also tell us what you think about the rumors so far about Galaxy S5. Are you getting one? WhT’s on your wish list?