Galaxy Gear 2 coming along with the Galaxy S5


It looks like samsung is ready to fire the next bullet in to the Smart watch market. According to reports, Samsung is planning to launch a new version of the Galaxy Gear along with the new Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy Gear successor, as Samsung’s mobile EVP Lee Young Hee calls it, is going to improve a lot, according to Young Hee. It will slim down the bulk of the original, while managing to throw in some more “advanced features” in for good measure. What’s more, though, is that it will also feature baked-in health features, like being able to count the calories you intake, as well as monitor your heart rate.


The fact that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be slimmer and putting health features in the device right out of the gate, without having to use third-party apps, is a move in the right direction.

Hopefully it doesn’t sync between just the Galaxy S 5 when it launches, because these devices are rumored for a release at the same time.

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