LEAKED : Alleged iOS 8 screenshots reveal New Apps

A pair of screenshots reportedly sourced from Apple’s unannounced iOS 8 were posted to a Weibo account today. One of the images reveals several new apps, including the previously-rumored Healthbook and mobile versions of Preview and TextEdit — two apps that have been staples of OS X for years.

iOS8_www.androdollar (1)

iOS8_www.androdollar (2) iOS8_www.androdollar (3)

According to the leaked screenshots, iOS 8 will look a lot like iOS 7/7.1. Apart from the design, the image reveals the presence of new applications such as Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview and Tips.

Healthbook is supposed to be a Health/Fitness Application and It is rumored that the iWatch maybe more towards Fitness, so this maybe used with that along with that or it will be used as S-Health as seen on Samsung’s Galaxy Devices. Preview and TextEdit seem to be the same as on the Mac, but we think it’s still under development. So when Apple Finally releases it it will have different icons and it will be optimized more for the Mobile.

iOS 8 is still months away from being official (at WWDC as usual) and might see a lot of changes through its development cycle. If it leaks out again, we are here to report on it. So stay tuned and let your friends know what’s coming.

Source – Gizmobic