Samsung’s 3G-smartwatch rumored to be called Gear Solo

A rumor circulated earlier that Samsung was considering a 3G version of its Gear 2 Smartwatch this will be quite appreciated as this will offer standalone calling capabilities instead of the hassle of having to dif=g your phone out of your pocket.

The Korean Herald reports that the alleged device, equipped with a USIM module, is going to be called the Samsung Gear Solo, the word “Solo” may attest to its standalone capabilities. The name has been filed for patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The device will be launched jointly by the company and their partners SK Telecom in South Korea with an expected global appearance as stated by a SK Telecom representative.

Little is known about this device at the moment as details are scarce, What are your opinions on a device like the Gear Solo ? Does a Smartwatch with calling capabilities pique your interest ? Let us know.. and stay tuned for more info…