The HTC M8 is now no longer a rumor as we know, there have been rumors though about a Mini version to debut in May and that’s all we know of it so far, but today we’re looking at a leak of HTC’s next aspiration for its next phone in the M8 lineup the HTC M8 “Ace”.

Well what is this phone then ? looks like a red M8 doesn’t it, but no, there’s more than a color change here. there seems to be an odd fabric like texturing at the top and bottom of the device, It’s not enough for us to draw a strong conclusion  as for all we know, it might just be a case of some sort.

We also notice the cutout surrounding the front-facing camera is much narrower than on the One M8 itself, and that the phone’s shape doesn’t precisely align with the released handset – specifically, in the image we see here the corners stick out farther and aren’t as smooth as the One M8, and the volume rocker here appears somewhat higher up than we’re familiar with on the original M8.

This leak doesn’t tell us much about this rumored device, it appears quite similar in size to the original and we cannot be jumping to any conclusions here, so we’re going to leave it at that until further info arrives.

Stay tuned for more..