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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint scanner can be hacked Easily according to Video

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched on the 11th of April in 125 countries. One of the Main attractions of the Galaxy S5 is the Fingerprint scanner. After seeing Apple use the Fingerprint scanning technology (Touch ID) with the iPhone 5S last year, we found that it was pretty sweet. The iPhone’s fingerprint scanner also had issues with hacking at launch, and now the Newly released Galaxy S5 also seems to be having kind of the same problem in a Larger scale because Samsung now let’s the users login to services like Paypal with the Fingerprint which bring out major security concerns.

Samsung’s fingerprint sensor works in a different way when compared to Touch ID, but it operates in a similar manner. As noted by security outfit SRLabs, the Galaxy S5 can be compromised by creating a “dummy finger,” and within minutes, a copied print could be used by an unscrupulous individual to worm their way into your PayPal account.

This spoofing of the fingerprint sensor, SRLabs continues, leaves Galaxy S5 users in a far more precarious position than iPhone 5S users were, mainly because of the way in which Samsung has implemented its fingerprint tech into the device. While iPhone users need to input a password to verify fingerprint authentication every time a device is rebooted, the Galaxy S5 doesn’t include this extra step, leaving users very susceptible to hacks.

SRLabs has provided a video detailing exactly how the fingerprint hack works. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.

Source – SRLabs
Via – Sammobile