UPDATED : Galaxy Note 4 to comeout with three-sided YOUM (Flexible) display?

UPDATE : More Pictures of Samsung’s New Patent has come up in a PDF document. You can checkout the PDF here.



The Galaxy S5 is here and most of us didn’t get quite what we wanted, when it comes to the build of the device. Now it seems that Samsung is working hard to change that with the Note 4. The Note line up is very important for Samsung, as it has a High demand when it comes to what it has to offer thrugh the S-Pen, Big Display and Battery Life. The other day, Samsung senior vice president Yoon Han-kil said that the  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would contain a new form factor. We might have some idea of what to expect, from Samsung’s Next Phablet. According to a that came to us from Korea, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come to market with a flexible “Youm” display. And we’re not talking about flexible like Samsung Galaxy Round, either. We are expecting a screen that can bend. According to the Rumour it will take Smartphones to the Next Level.

It is also said that this Flexible display will be a three sided display accoding to the rumour.It was speculated that the Note 4 will have a Flexible display for a long time (We had these rumours before the Note 3 was launched too). The other interesting part of that report was the talk of a foldable Galaxy Note 5 for 2015.

For those of you that have no idea of what this “YOUM” is, checkout the video linked down below.

Samsung has filed a patent application for a wraparound screen, which follows the same concepts as the three-sided display. It could allow for the use of virtual buttons and allow users to more easily tab through files or pictures sorted alphabetically or by year. It all raises the excitement level for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If the display is Flexible indeed, we might see a lot of innovative software tricks used by Samsung as well.

Note 4_YOUM_Patent_www.androdollar.com

What do you think? Do you want Samsung’s Next Phablet to be Flexbile? What other features do you want to see from the Note line? We would like to know your thoughts.

Source – Gforgames