LEAKED : Apple iPad Air 2 Front Pannels

Looks like Apple is pretty busy building the Next iPad along with the iPhone 6. Earlier today the Front Panels of the Alleged iPad Air 2 has Leaked curtosy of One More thing. We get this leak just minutes after we see iOS 8 being Leaked, and a day or two apart from seeing the iPhone 6 being leaked.

We clearly see a reduction in Front display bezel thinkness; mind you the current iPad Air’s bezel is just 7.5mm which would make the leaked one somewhere around 7mm – 6.75mm. This is awesome news as less bezels might just also bring us less weight than the current iPad Air, which would be truly incredible.

It is also said that Apple will be using integrated display technology with the Next iPad. The iPhone range already enjoys integrated display technology, as does the MacBook Pro line-up, and given how Apple must now be scraping the barrel for ways to shave a little bulk from the iPad Air, this would seem the most viable option.

Checkout the Leaked images below.



It is believed that Apple may announce the next-gen iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display and a Newer 12″ iPad this fall, and although it has been debated as to whether Touch ID makes much sense as a feature of the iPad, it’s strongly belived that the Touch ID, Fingerprint Sensor will finally be used on both iPads.

Who knows, maybe We might just see a sneak peak of the iPad at WWDC this June, So stay tuned to Andro Dollar as we will keep you updated on the latest news.

Source – One More Thing