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VIDEO : HOW TO : Fix and Enable Google Now Cards even if it’s not available in your Location

We all Love and Enjoy Google Now by Google. But As many of you know, Google now Cards doesn’t work in some Countries. We get the message from Google saying “Google Now is not available in your Location”. So by using this method you can fix that. (This Method is NOT for Fixing the “Ok Google” Command but to Enable the Google Now Cards; “Ok Google” usually works).

The base to this is to enable Google Now before updating the Google Play Services after Formatting a device. So you have to Quickly enable Google Now once you do a Factory Reset and once you enable that you need to update the Google Play Services app.

I will be using Cyanogenmod for this video for ease as it has the Google Now Launcher as the default. You can follow this on any device. I have personally Tired this on Samsung’s Touchwiz on the Galaxy Note 3 & S4 as well and it works like a charm.

Short Step By Step Guide-

  • Format your phone
  • Finish the Setup process
  • Quickly Enable Google Now by Opening the Google App
  • Update the Google Play Services App from the Play Store
  • Enjoy Google Now

Checkout my Quick Video on How It’s done,