LG Announces the QuickCircle case for the LG G3

As you know LG is going to unveil their Main Flagship for 2014, the LG G3 on 27th of this month. We have seen a lot of leaks towards this phone, and we have seen it’s accessories leak as well. One of the most interesting things we saw in those leaks is a Flip Out case with a Circle on top, which is similar to the square like windowed LG G2 Cover which resembles Samsung’s S-View Covers for the Galaxy Devices like S4, S5 and Note 3. Now today, Oddly, even tough the Phone isn’t launched yet, LG has announced this case, giving us one more teaser towards the G3.

This case for the LG G3 is called the QuickCircle Case. The QuickCircle case, as we mentioned, has a circular window on the flip cover that lets you see glanceable information as well as access certain functions, such as calling, messaging, camera, music player, settings and health app.

The QuickCirlce Case will be available in five colors; Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink (Doesn’t this mean the G3 will also come in these colours?). According to LG, it allows using the wireless charging feature on the phone as well (This means the G3 will have built in wireless charging).





LG will release an SDK for developers to make extra additions for this case, and to make it better.

LG has also released a promo video which shows off this case in action, and shows off the front of the LG G3.

I really dig this case. What do you think? Does it look interesting to you? Drop us a comment down below, and stay tuned to Andro Dollar as we will be covering the LG G3 event Live on the 27th and we would try to provide a Live Stream Link if possible.

Source – LG