DEAL ALERT : Battlefield 3 Free on Origin [EXPIRED]

Battlefield 3 is an Award-winning game that a lot of fans love.  It was available on Origin for $19.99 (Rs.999),  and suddenly EA has pulled the plug and made it FREE through Origin. The game is available to download until June 3, and once it’s downloaded it’s yours to keep forever.

Now you must be like What,  How,  No Way; but it’s true. When I say free here,  there really are no strings attached. It’s really the full game with all the features and it is Legit. I have already tried it out,  and Yes it works. Origin has the Standard Version of the Game for Free, but that still has the Full game, excluding the Multilayer add-ons and extra goodies.

This is the On the House Page on Origin’s Website which has the Promotion Listed.

Battlefield3_Free_Origin_AndroDollar (2)

This is Battlefield 3’s Page on Origin’s Website which also has a full run down of the game.

Battlefield3_Free_Origin_AndroDollar (1)

To download the Game head on over to Origin’s On the House Page.

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now, and Share this with your friends so that even they can hop in. So did you download it? Let us know how it went down below in the comments section.

Source – Origin