This is a Rant about Sony Smartphones. I don’t mean to offend anyone in this Rant, it’s just my thoughts.

You know what, I have been asked this question for the longest time; “Why Don’t you recommend Sony devices?”. I briefly explain to each person, but I thought the best way to express my self is by doing a Rant. So this is Why I personally Don’t recommend Sony devices for a lot of people (As of now). Before I begin, I must say that it’s mostly personal Preference, but Sony is Hardly the Best (or even close of being the best at the rate they are going at the moment). Let me explain myself.

Sony was good, Sony was Damn Good back in like 2010-2011 (or even before that when they had the non-touch devices) when they had the “Sony Ericsson” Branded devices, even the first few “Xperia” devices such as the Xperia Mini Pro, Arc/ Arc S, Play were good and Innovative. They had something better when compared to it’s competition at that time (Mainly Samsung). What was so good? That was the exceptionally well built UI, Well-built phones with Lesser Problems (Yes they weren’t waterproof, but non of them had the issues that their devices have now). Their Timescape UI that was on top of Android ran perfectly and had nice widgets (Especially the Timescape Widget), it was less buggy and it received updates some what better. Time moved on, Sony started producing Way too many devices, they didn’t think, they just did it. They had devices from a lot of letters of the alphabet, such as Xperia J, M, L, S, Z (Just to name a Few). They did Not Concentrate on their UI, or Providing Android updates to it’s users. They just used one design and then tweaked it a bit and released it as a newer device. That’s exactly what Samsung is doing right now, and trust me, if they keep doing the same shit over and over again, they are also going down and you will see me blaming them as well.


What I’m doing right here is not Blaming a Brand, This is just a Rant. This is the Truth and Truth is Bitter I know, and Mark my words, if Samsung starts making Shitty Products, I will blame them too, I have no contract with anyone, I’m just expressing my thoughts. I don’t mind who it is, I’m just talking from the point of a long time Reviewer.

Anyways moving on to the Topic, the Downfall of Sony began with the Xperia Z in my honest opinion (I’m not saying that they are about to go bankrupt or anything, but they just started losing people and that’s where I lost Hope). I have Proof as well. Sony was at No.4 of the Top Smartphone Manufacturers in the World in 2012, but right now they are not even on the Top 5 (they are still in the top 10 I think – I didn’t find a proper source on this). The Top Smartphone Manufactures in the world from 1st to the 5th is (As of 2014), Samsung, Apple, Huwawei, Lenovo and Finally Xiaomi (Interesting company with Ground Breaking Prices – Google the Xiaomi Mi3, or Xiaomi Mi Band; You’ll know what I’m talking about)


So why has the Xperia Z (and the Z Series) brought Sony down? Let me explain. Sony and a lot of people (Including myself) thought that the Xperia Z will be a Good Phone. That Ground breaking device. It had a Nice design, It had decent specs and it was Waterproof (This is why a lot of people bought the device). The Enormous problems with the device started coming out as soon as the Tech reviewers got their hands on the device. Let me point a Few of them, The Xperia Z had the Worst 1080p Display that was used on a Smartphone. It is no longer a secret. I will tell that to anyone! It Really Really did have a Crappy Display. Don’t trust me? Just go to a Store get a Z, Z Ultra, Tab Z or a Z1 and just use it for a moment, you will see what I mean. At first glance the display looks gorgeous, move your head a bit and the display looks so washed out. All I have to say is “Come On Sony!”. Thankfully Sony fixed it with the Z2, and I’m happy to say that it has a Superb Display.

Talking about another issue of the Z line, the device getting Hot. I mean these devices are flagships and they pack power (Top of the line specs) but Sony devices get unusably Hot sometimes (Which makes me wonder whether they want us to put our devices in water when they get too hot). I have seen the Xperia Z2 going over 45 degrees Celsius, That’s unusably Hot! If they want to tell it’s getting hot because the device packs power, they are not correct. Then why aren’t the Galaxy S4, Note 3, HTC One (M7 or M8) or most other top end smartphones getting Unusable Hot? Don’t get me wrong here, all the devices do get hot quite a lot, but not as much as the “Z” line of Xperia Devices from what I have seen in the Past and from what I have experienced (I have held each of these phones, played with these for extended periods of time; So I know what I am talking about). You know the worst problem of having a really hot phone? The device won’t let you take photos nor Videos. It will say “Device is too Hot”. Again, “Come On Sony!”. Hopefully they will work to get it fixed soon with the Z3 and the other future devices.

Next Up Battery Life, the Xperia Z had terrible battery life (Especially if you play games). I once recall seeing a reviewer on Youtube doing a gaming test and to see the device run outa juice in a very very short time (around 2 hours). That’s just crappy Optimization, which brings me to my earlier point where I explained why Sony having a Load of Phones with a lot of alphabetical letters did more bad to the company than good (It’s not like they sold Millions and Millions – What they should have done is to work on lesser no of devices like they do now; Target what the customers what and make precise phones). Similar Story with the Z1 as well, doesn’t have Great Battery life, doesn’t even come close to the Battery Performance of a Note (after all the Note is the King of Smartphone Battery Life). The Z2 ofcoz is doing better, Like Explained in my VERSUS, the Z2 is ok but not Great (You can get 1 day of battery life). Since the Sony device doesn’t offer Fast Charging nor a removable Back, it is quite difficult for a lot of people with constant use to survive.

Next up is the Camera. A lot of people tend to compare the Camera performance with the Mega Pixel Count. It is incorrect! Totally Incorrect! The Z had a 13MP Shooter and it was ok. Things got interesting when the Z1 was launched with the 20.7MP “G” Lens. It had a great technology behind it, but it wasn’t able to beat the Smartphone Camera King of 2013 in My opinion, The Note 3 (I Don’t consider the Lumia 1020 to be a worthy option because of the Low end specs of the device other than the Camera, and since it’s running Windows Phone that’s another problem for me, since I’m High On Android. Anyways, another problem Sony had with the Z1 is the problems of using in manual mode. What I mean by this is when someone use the manual mode instead of the Superior Auto, the Image is captured in 8 MPs, not the Full 20.7 MPs. Sony has fixed this partially, and now we can take images of 15.5 MPs on the Z2, but I still don’t understand the point of having such a powerful sensor if the user can’t tweak the settings. When considering images taken with Superior Auto on the Z2, I have to say that I am very happy about the performance, but it is on Par with the Note 3 from what I have seen. The Galaxy S5 has been chosen by many surveys and by an Industry standard and claims it has the Best Smartphone Camera lens (Yes even surpassing the Lumia 1020). Sony ranks at No.2 with the Z2.

Next up is Software Updates. Like most other Android devices Sony is also very late to update it’s devices, but they are just too late when compared to the competition. Samsung updated their 2013 flagships the S4 (and the Bezy of it’s cousins) and the Note 3 to Kitkat in January. Sony didn’t release it till the end of March. I can remember seeing my friends with the Z & Z1 being stuck on Jellybean. Now if he was using a Samsung device, he would probably just root and install a custom rom like Cyanogenmod or anything else (Flagships have a lot of Roms to choose from). On Sony’s case it is not as easy as on Samsung and it is way risky. I can remember seeing an XDA post when the Xperia Z1 was launched that said the Xperia Z1’s Camera stops working as soon as the bootloader was unlocked. That’s now fixed, but that’s not all. There are way more problems with Sony Devices. It was not that long ago I helped out a Buddy to root his Xperia Z, and what happened as soon as he unlocked the Bootloader? The Play Store Stopped working. The problem didn’t get fixed until the Bootloader was relocked. I mean are you serious? On Samsung, it takes you less than 5 minutes to Root, and Install a custom Rom. whatever you want. On Sony, they are restricting the user so a lot of people are afraid to take the risk because they think it will break their device (It won’t if you do what’s right and as requested by the Dev). In my honest opinion, we should be able to do whatever we want with the device we get. I mean we pay like $500-800 for a Flagship. That’s what I like about Samsung (but it feels like Knox is trying to ruin the party for Samsung, but so far it is good and no unnecessary issues).


Next let’s talk about the Software; The Skin. The Xperia Devices have been using the Same Software for a long time (The Xperia UI has the Same Kind of Icons and Overall look and feel). When I say this some of will want to argue the fact that Samsung’s Touchwiz has been the Same, but I say otherwise. Think about it, Touchwiz has been improving with Features (Gimmicky or not). Though some people call air gestures and Air View features gimmicky, I wouldn’t say it is the same for everyone. It is most certainly not for me. I use all of those features on a daily basis and I love using them. I like touchwiz. By this I don’t mean to say that Sony has to change its whole UI to be like touchwiz or that they have to copy Samsung or follow their path and fill their phone with features, but what I mean is that they need to think, think and think and then implement new and useful features to the UI and make it look nicer. It was a good Skin on top of android when it was launched earlier as I explained earlier. But now it is outdated. Most of it’s WOW Features are gone now. Yes they have implemented new features along the way like Small Apps and Themes, but it is not enough for me and for a lot of consumers. Sony has to do something Unique here if they want to make their phones sell like Galaxy Devices or iPhones. Sony has Top notch hardware, but the Software Degrades the Experience and somehow causes their devices to lag.

This brings me to my next point, Software Lagg. When I say this some might want to argue that Samsung also has that. Yes I totally agree. Samsung has to some extent, if you go overboard with the settings; But the thing is the touchwiz skin is the heaviest skin on Android. But Sony, doesn’t have that problem. Their skin doesn’t have many features and they don’t have many useful stuff. So how can it lag? Now iPhone fan boys don’t try to say it’s a problem with Android, because if you say that you clearly have not used a Nexus device. Sony Lagg is due to the Software not being optimized. Sony really needs to fix this with the Z3.

That’s mostly the Major factors. Sony is a Great Company. They have good Built Quality, and the Upcoming Xperia Z3 looks promising (But I won’t Judge it until I use it). I had a lot of respect for them back in the day as I told in the beginning, but with Sony not putting out THE BEST anymore, I stopped buying Sony devices. I don’t want a Phone just because it is waterproof, or just because it has a good camera. After all it is not the Only Waterproof device available now. I want a Good Genuine All Rounder. I know Sony has the potential to do that, so if Someone from Sony is Reading the Please Please consider what I have told. If you can improve on all these, I will buy your next flagship & recommend it to people, no questions asked! At the current state I hardly can do so. I’m talking from the Point of a person who has had a lot of experience with Smartphones, not just once or twice, but long time use for a long long time, So I know what’s going on, I know when a feature is different. So Please Sony, if you want to survive in the Smartphone space, Fix the Issues.


That’s it for this Rant guys. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did don’t forget to Share this with your friends. If you disagree with any of my thoughts, please feel free to drop a comment down below. I will be answering each and every comment. Cheers!

  • Ridma Yasakith Ryb

    Yep. No arguemants with all the amazing things written about banuka 🙂 I hope all the Smartphone uses who goes after the Sony devices without any sense will enjoy it, and get to know about something very valuable, for the cost they spend to by all the A to Z Smartphone series without any new unique concept 😉
    Thank you

  • Akila Randil Hettiarachchi

    How right you are. That is why I left Sony!

    • That’s why I called it the TRUTH 😉 Stay tuned to Andro Dollar for more 🙂 Cheers!

  • Akhila Seneviratne

    Whoever disagrees to this is lying to themselves. Thumbs up @banuathuraliya !

  • You know, in everything there is a good side and a bad side. So Sony is no exception. But from small mistakes , they learn something. They changed their crappy display at least in Z2. We all have a bad side, don’t we ? 😉 But according to what I think, ( Don’t start a argument with me ) Samsung is just make the device by putting a whole new features in to it which makes the phone looks bigger and bulky. Don’t they should concern about the user ? The look ? However the above post describes the bad side of Sony. I am a die hard fan of Sony devices. Currently I’m using Xperia P . Sony always thinks about the mid range market too. Thats why I like Sony. However thumbs up for the effort ! (Y) @banuathuraliya:disqus

    • Nope. If you read the Article properly, from the begining, I have mentioned the Good Stuff of them and have given them credit for their Good effort as well; but the problem is that is not enough. This is actually not supposed to be about the Good, it’s about to tell what I don’t like; which is why it is called a “RANT”. Talking more about Sony’s stratergy, Why do you think they dropped out on the Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers in the world? Because they didn’t listen to the people. They are not like Samsung (Samsung has a filthy big income), Samsung is Dominating the Smartphone market, as I have mentioned Samsung will also have to suffer if they don’t change (But they are, because their future devices are going to be Premium like the Note 4 – with Metal and their devices are also waterproof and Curved as well) and they do think about the user more than Sony becasue they let people tinker with their devices, and they don’t lock their devices with Bootloaders so that the users can’t do advanced things (ie Rooting/Custom Roms). And bro, if you say Samsung Devices are big and bulky, I’m pretty sure you have not held one properly. Do you know that the S5 is actaully smaller than the Z2? The design guideline of Sony has too much of wasted space, for Eg – when considering the Z line, they have very big bezels on top and bottom which makes the device uncomfortably uneasy to handle sometimes. What makes it the worst is the Heating issues as I have explained.

      Talking about the Mid range market, Samsung also does think about the Mid range market and they also do have great products. But Neither Sony or Samsung can compete with devices like the Moto G or Xiaomi’s Mi3 in the budget market place.

      I decided to write this Rant to let people know why, I personally don’t buy Sony devices (because quite a lot of them ask me) – It was not like this always, I bought sony devices when they were good (I had the Xperia Mini Pro and Arc S) but since they started to release the same phone with differnet letters, it started bothering me and lack of support from Developers (from XDA) made me not get it. I want to tinker with my devices, After all It’s mine to do whatever I want. I don’t want the company deciding what I have to use on it.

      Finally, don’t consider this as an Argument, but an answer to your comment in my style. And thanks for putting out a comment, and stay tuned to Andro Dollar for more goodness, including a Rant for Samsung and other good things in the future as well. Help me spread the word.

      • You know what happened ? Since from the beginning of Sony’s devices they curved the sheet out of the phone ( Xperia L ) and they manufactured the Waterproof devices first of all. They didn’t want to upgrade their tech , I agree with you in that point. I’ve used Z1 for 6 months and when S4 came to my hand , I was ” Dude , why the hell did they made it this much bigger “. But then I realized both are pretty much same in size. S4 is thin and decent, nothing to argue. YEah I’ve experienced the Heating issue but does it hurt so much ? For me , not really. Problem is when you’re a heavy Samsung user , when you get a Sony device hands on , you feel that terribly. For daily users thats not a big problem at all. Also to be honest I’ve never used a Z2 so I can’t tell whether it is comfortable in the hand or not when compared with the S5. and Sony didn’t curve their display yet neither Samsung did yet. So lets keep hopes that they’ll. But , people with smaller hands ( Like me 😀 ) have the problems with bigger devices. It disappears when we get use to it ( I guess ). You’re using a Note 3 , you’re used to it. You don’t feel that. We need time to get used to bigger devices. Thats no exception for Sony either. And I don’t know whats up with rooting phones ( Being a high-privilege user ). Samsung is best in tech indeed , but Sony devices look so decent . Whatever no point of arguing for something this neh ?

        • Sadly, your Statement is Totally Wrong bro…. The Xperia L doesn’t have Curved Screen. It has a curved BACK and there’s no relationship between a curved back and a curved glass…. and the Xperia L is not waterproof… It is true that Sony was the first to send out Waterproof devices large scale… Talking about the heating it doesnt matter if it heats up normally (I mean every device gets hot) but going over 46 degrees, dude thats A LOT and it should be more optimized (that’s y request to Sony)…

          Samsung didn’t curve their displays? Bro were you sleeping when the Galaxy Nexus was released? Just had a curved glass but a slight one. Then came the YOUM. Samsung’s FULLY Bendable Display. Last year we saw the Galaxy Round (A more curved device than the Galaxy Nexus), which was released after the Note 3. It was really curved and Samsung is going to revolutionalize it with the “Galaxy Note Edge” (Go to my site and seacrch for that if you don’t know what that is)

          I know that the size is something you will get used to and I don’t mind it being big, I’m just poining it out since you mentioned that the Samsung devices are “Big and Bulky” in your previous comment.

          I have played with the Z2 extensively and even compared it to the S5 and M8 before doing my versus so I know the size differnece and perfomance of each.

          Not Arguing, Just Correcting some of your points.

  • Vikum B. Wijekoon

    i think the overheating is a problem with the snapdragon chipset. theres a cpu controlling mechanism called mpdecison which actively increases and decreases the minimum clock speed and maximum clock speed. its really bad on battery and makes hot. and trust me my nexus 5 gets super hot because of that.

    • I do have the Nexus 5 and Note 3 with me both are using the Snapdragon 800 but it does NOT go beyond 45 Degrees… It gets hot yes, but Not as much as the Z2… I have done comparisons so I’m pretty sure… The Link given above on the rant (Blue Lines are Links with Proof) also show a comparison between the HTC One M8 and Z2 where the M8 gets to around 39 Degrees where the Z2 goes over 46/47… Just pointing it out…

  • Tharinda Dilochana

    Ok so good job pointing out the cons of the xperia Z, before switching to htc one I used a xperia ZR which had an amazing 720p display, who cares about the viewing angles ? I mean seriously ? Who tilts their screens around while using them. Moving on, software updates, sony updated their Z line up to kitkat ( bit too late ) with many new features, my ZR was fluid, got even better after the update, it kept up with other flagship devices all the time, hardly froze . Talking about the sony skin, samsung hardly changed their touchwiz ui, from galaxy Y to galaxy s5 things have slightly changed in the UI ( yes icons now look like ios, yes there are some added features like air gestures which most people would turn off to save the battery ).HTC’s sense 6 needs some work, by far the most attractive UI, at least for my eyes is the Xperia UI, its very simple, very useful, and very smooth, it has all the right tools build in to it, the only complain that I had when I was using the ZR was that its inability to transfer apps installed to an external SD card, sony recently adressed the issue buy releasing an update, making it possible to transfer apps to theSD card. Finally, you don’t have to unlock the bootloader to root a sony device, just download ‘towelroot’ and root the device, simple as that. I dropped my ZR and had to replace the touch screen, guys at the repair job did a nasty job but they managed to fix it somehow, that’s why I switched to HTC, plus I fell in love with boomsound audio. So final verdic, if you are out in the market looking for a good looking, snappy device with a good camera go for Sony or HTC, if you are out there looking for a device with all the high tech features and don’t mind wasting your time explaining your friends that your phone is not a galaxy s4 because all of the samsung phones looks the same, by all means go for a samsung

    • Firstly, dude are you serious? Let me ask again, “Are you Serious?” Let me answer each of your comments, you’ll see what I mean and I must mention that I’m talking with a LOT of hands on experience with EACH device. I currently have a few devices with me So I know what’s going on.

      The Xperia ZR also had the Same Viewing angle Issue that all the other Z devices had. It is a major issue becuase it is not normal for a FLAGSHIP to have that kind of silly mistake TWICE in a row. No one is going to tilt their screen yes, but on the Z devices the screenstarts to wash out as soon as you move your head a little even. If you had a Zr you should know that by now. This Article is a Rant. So I’m Not supposed to point out the Good, I’m just questioning Sony so that they won’t do the same mistakes again… After all I like that competiton which makes us reviewers work hard on deciding the best and when making review posts.

      It maybe true that some funcationality was given after the updates, you being a Sony user, if you say that the ZR didn’t lag you’re totally lying! Because I have had enough and more experience with the Z1 abd Z2 to know how laggy they are Being flagships (My problem is not the lag, I dont mind the lag if Sony atleast had some features on that, but do they? They just have one they had in 2011 in a slightly modified way. All the Good stuff like the useful Timescape widget is gone).

      Also talking about Samsung’s Touchwiz, Dude are you seriously insane to compare Touchwiz on a Galaxy Y (A Super Low end phone) to the Touchwiz running on a Flagship device like a Note 3? Have you even used a Note 3 in the First place? Becase if you have and if you have been following the smartphone industry, you would know by now that Samsung has been evolving and Touchwiz has had the Most Innovative features. Want some names? How about Multi Window? one hand operations on any screen? Floating Pen Window Apps (S-Pen Specific), S-Health with Accurate Measurements (Only useful for Fitness People, but it has great potmtial built in), Air Guestures are there for anyone to use, I do use them daily (but if you don’t like it’s just a button click away) and Dude are you serious to say the icons look like iOS? Did you know that iOS 7 (with the so called cartonish stuff) was launched after Touchwiz had them? Touchwiz 3 (ie Nature UX) redefined it, and Apple is the one that followed them. Don’t trust me? Go back and do some research and check the times where each was released.

      HTC Sense is really good yes, and has more functionality and MINDFUL features when compared to sony. HTC is good, No question, but their Marketing Stratergy is Poor as shown by their Quater results.

      How can the Xperia UI be useful when it doesn’t have anything useful in it? Name 5 useful things other than the Theme Engine & Small Apps. It doesnt have that sorta thing. That’s what I want sony to build upon. You can’t survive on that.

      Transfering Apps to SD, the most talked about topic, but dude you are forgetting that YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER APP DATA (aka GAME DATA), you can just transfer the game apk or App apk (Samsung had this from day one; Sony also did but then they removed it and then only it was later implemented again so Nothing new there; Even Samsung devices or ANY other any other Android devices have the ability to transfer App Data).

      Talking about the Rooting, Dude you just can’t be more wrong. Towelroot by the Good old Geohot gives you root permisions on ANY android device Yes, but what you are forgetting is the fact that you CAN NOT install any custom rom or Flashable Zips via Recovery since the Bootloader is NOT unlocked; also if something goes wrong in your device and if you don’t have a recovery chance of getting the same thing back is low. (If you have enough root expereince you wouldn’t even say something like that) also don’t forget that Towelroot was released recently.

      Good Camera but Not the Best, Go for Sony, because you clearly saw who has the Best Smartphone camera is. Atleast Samsung devices allow users to record and capture photos with no limitations (where the Z2’s 4K video is Horrible with Audio Lagg which is a Major Problem of the device), again Camera is Not Measured by the Mega Pixel count.

      One more point, what makes the Z2 different from the Z1 at first glance? Answer that. Even the Z had the same guidline and the Upcoming Z3 is going to have the same. Where is the Variety in that? Does the Note 1,2,3 and upcoming 4 look the Same? No they each have improvements massively and Note 4 is with metal and Waterproof and it’s going to have a removable back (Only a die hard Battery Switiching user will Understand)

      People don’t see the Mistakes on BIG Sony but they see Small, but sometimes non excisting mistakes on Samsung. The point of the Rant as I told earlier is to point out whats bad with Sony. After all I would like to see Competitve Sony phones.

      • Tharinda Dilochana

        Did you know that sony z phones came recently has a different type of lcd panel compared to the ones that came first, for a person who prefer AMOLED panels will always complain about sony devices colors, I have used Vivaz, x10i , arc s , V, T, Z & ZR also my friend’s Z2 ( i still use it all the time ) I have no reason to lie, its not like sony is paying me to talk good things about them, every device i had except for the x10 and the vivaz were very fluid, I ran RC 3 on high graphics on my ZR without any problem, and dude i work at dialog DFW, we have a huge range of samsung devices here, starting from the pocket neo to gs5 & note 3, and I still like to stress out that except for some features touchwiz looks all the same in every recent device and thats not something bad, even the xperia ui starting from M to Z2 looks alike.
        I know the camera is not meassured by the number of pixels it has, cause the 4Up cameras in my htc one does an amazing job, but the 13mp shooter in my ZR out ran the competition when the supirior auto mode is selected,

        And please, i rooted my zr on the first day i got my hand on it, and i habe installed insetcoin rom on my htc one so i know my way around rooting

        • I’m pretty sure thet you are talking about the IPS LCD pannel they used along with the Triluminious display technology on the Z2; which fiedx the viewing angle issue. I am NOT complanining about the colours in Any ways. AMOLED always will have saturated colours (Which some people prefer) but the IPS Pannels are just as good. My grudge is the fact that Sony used Crappy Displays for their FLAGSHIPS, I mean come on it’s called a Flagship for a reason.

          Secondly, By laggyness I am NOT talking about gaming perfomance. After al the flagships are on the latest SoCs and they have the Latest GPUs inside so non of the games will affect it. But the problem comes when you see the lag when moving on the home screens and going in to settings (Just like you see on touchwiz). The thing is as I explained in my Rant, Touchwiz is filled with Features that alot of people use or dont use (But it’s there). Sony on the other hand doesnt even have quater of them, and their UI looks quite the same to what they had in 2011 and still it laggs. I want them to optimize their UI more.

          Talking about the UI again, if you say the Touchwiz on a Galaxy Pocket is same to the Touchwiz on a Galaxy Note 3, you have NO idea about what your talking. They are called FLAGSHIPS for a reason and UNLIKE Sony, Samsung devices have FLAGSHIP Specific features. If you have handled these devices you should know these by now. On Sony it not only looks the same, but there aren’t any FLAGSHIP specific featuers that makes that deivce pop out software wise. This is something they should build up on.

          HTC One (M7) does a good job as long as you don’t use the pictures for other than Social Media. Also the Purple light tint issue on the HTC One (M7) is a Pain the ass. Also if you read my Rant, you will know that I mentioned that as soon as you turn off Superior Auto the Camera resolution drops. I mean what’s the point of having a 20.7MP camera when you can just take a 8MP (on the Z1) & 15.5MP (On the Z2) picture on Manual Mode? That’s just lame. Also when you take a photo while recording a video, the photo is taken at 2MPs where as on Samsung devices they are taken on Full Resoltion (Even while Recording on Maximum Video Settings). These are things Sony needs to build upon to reduce their cons.

          Dude, I’m not the one that said use towelroot, as if it gives the user the ability to install custom Roms/ Mods on their device. If you think flashing one or 2 roms makes you a genie, I’m not sure what to say. Just Dream and use Towelroot and just Hide Sony’s Faults behind your back.

          The purpose of my Rant is to point out the mistakes so that if Sony or any responsible person sees this, for them to get these fixed. I also want to see Sony dominate the market once again, but at this rate I don’t see that happening. That’s the Truth and the Sony Fanboys might just hate me. This is why it is said that Truth is Bitter.

          • Tharinda Dilochana

            You talk about lagging and dont wanna talk about gaming performance, i don’t know why benchmark apps run a fps test then wow, please my zr was fluid through scrolling inbetween pages in home screen, notification panel, and in pretty much everything, talking about the touchwiz minus few software gimics and bunch of bloatwares theres nothing new, I use these devices daily so I know for a fact that except for the flagship exclusive features, everything looks very identical, yes the Z line up looks alike but they look good when compared to oval shaped galaxies, sansung lost their grip after the gs2, note 3 looks like the note 1, I dont even want to talk about the tabs, get your hands on a xperia tab and see how it lookd and feels only good looking samsung tab is the tab s ,

            And before asking others, you should do your homework first, not every m7 suffers from the purple tint issue, my m7 works perfectly, and it blows away the competition when it comes to low light conditions, so please before lableling stuff, use them for a while, don’t believe me ? Check out pocketnow and ds gadget show reviews.

            And dude, i know flashing few roms doesen’t make me genie, but guess what I know enough, unlocking the booloader in a xperia device might be a difficult task for some posing genie wannabe but not for many, when I was running 4.3 on my zr i had to unlock the bootloader inorder to root the device and install sinhala on it.

            Finally, why are ypu upset about the pixel count in the z1 & z2, you have no reason to be, afterall you are the one who said this ” Camera is Not Measured by the Mega Pixel count ”

          • Benchmark Results are already topped by Samsung Flagships as always, Non of the Sony deivces have been on top when compared to the Smausng Flagships (FYI, This is why I didn’t consider that).

            Ovelshaped? Seriously? Do you relaly see an over shape on the S4 or the Note 2 or 3? The Oval design was on the S3. And dude, how do you even say the Note 3 looks like the Note 1? Yes both possesses the look of a Squre but seriously what more can they do? They got rid of the Glossy plastic that no one liked, and used the Faux leather back on it which gave it a much better feel and grip. Aren’t those factors taken in to consideration when measuring the design? You people just look at the Shape and Judge is it? Still when it comes to Xperia line up you say they don’t look the same (Previous Comment).How Unprofessional.

            The Tab Z is good, but would you like to explain some uses of the Tab Z other then the fact that it’s Impressively Slim and Waterproof? Tell me some apps that make the Tablet experience unique (Not talking about Android Apps; but UI Specific Features) on the Tab Z other than Small Apps. What’s the use of a device like that? Yes some people will find the Waterproofing very useful and it is it’s selling point. You can load movies and use it like that, that’s all. and yes, the Tab S is good, but you are forgeting the Note Tabs. The Ones that were launched with “Pro” in it’s name.

            Yes, I do know that NOT every HTC One (M7) has the Issue, but if you Google you will find atleast around 90% of people complaining. My friends that have the HTC One (M7) Already moved to other devices because of this issue. Yes the HTC One (M7) is very good (especially for a device of it’s caliber) at Low light because of the Ultrapixels, but it is not as good as a Lumia 1020. I have already done my Research, If I didn’t I wouldn’t be posting Stuff on my Website.

            I know that it doesnt take a Genie to unlock the Bootloader, any idiot can do it, that’s NOT the problem. The problem is the issues taht pop up after unlocking the Bootloader. As I have said above on the Rant (With Proof) after Unlocking the Bootloader, a lot of People have faced a lot of Issues. My Question is WHY? Why Cna’t Sony allow people to do whatever they want with their devices? After all we pay full price on these and we should have the freedom to do whatever we want with it. They are just forcing people at this point, and they show NO Respect towards developers that work like crazy to get stuff done. That’s my Grudge behind them. They need to change their policies!

            I’m not upset about the loss of Mega Pixel count in any way because I personally won’t be getting any Sony device until they step up their Game, but what you should know is that if the Camera pictures taken at 20.7MPs aren’t good as pictures taken with a 13MP Galaxy Note 3, then how can a 8MP picture change it in any way? Did you even think twice before writing that statement? I Mean Seriously? Yes I said MegaPixels don’t matter (And They DON’T!) but this is just trying to put out some type of excuse to make Sony look good.

            As I have Stressed enough and more in the Rant and my Comments, the Sony Devices have these Issues and they need to be fixed! (As you already achnolwdged those in your first comment). I didn’t have any problem with Sony back in the Day, but now I have no option but to Blame them for their Mistakes. At the end of the day, if you make a List of Pros and Cods of a Xperia Device, you will see how the Cons take over the device. This is why they are loosing their maket share! This is what they Should Fix soon. You can be talking so much about Sony trying to make sony the Good one here, but deep down in your heart you know that all the facts of this Rant are Damn true, and I’m sure you will also Love your experience even more when these get fixed. Until that day, I patiently wait.

          • Tharinda Dilochana

            Are you blind or something, s4 is ovel shaped, and i completely disagree with your rant, theres no lags, like I said sony is not paying me to defend them, and yes samsungs have topped the benchmarks, and sonys are not very far behind, may be theres like 5k difference between the scores, that dose not necessarily mean Sonys will lag and samsungs wont, the fact that you came to a conclution just by reading whats on paper shows how professional you are.

            And camera in the Sony Xperia Z2’s camera has the wider field of view, when using the entire frame
            And I would like to quote gsmarena ( which i have seen personaly ) but would like qoute some PROFESSIONALS cause you seem like a die hard samsung fanboy and don’t wanna believe anything others say

            ” the contrast are a bit too much in the Galaxy S5 photo and a bit too little in the Xperia Z2 Normal mode photo. The Superior auto mode seems to be closest to the truth. ”

            While the shooter in s5 is better than the one in sony z2 in daylight, Z2 dominates when it comes to low light photos & I tried so hard to see if theres any audio delay like you’ve mentioned, took my buddy’s phone, checked out some youtube samples and I didnt detect any so called AUDIO LAG in 2k videos recorded by the Z2. This is not a rant but a pathetic attempt by a samsung fanboy no offense

          • Dude if a Very Slight curve at the edge makes the Phone Ovel then idk what you are talking about. Galaxy S3 was ovel with the egg shaped design but not the S4 (I have 3 S4s to know).

            Sony may not pay you, but neither do they or anyone else pay me to write any of these. I have a passion towards technology and i’m just telling the damn truth. You say “I don’t agree with this rant” as if all the points are incorrect, first you say you said “good job pointing out the cons of the xperia Z” and now you’re like this. I never included benchamark results on to the rant because bechmarks aren’t exactly true (Excpet in the case of Gamebench mostly) anymore. People can easily fake it (Like Samsung and HTC did) so I don’t see it as a real for of measurement. I judge a phone by it’s perfomance and indepth use. Not by a Score! That’s where a lot of people are wrong. Again i would like to say, I did NOT take Bechmark results in to consideration when judgin the perfomance, after all you were the one to even talk about a benchmark in your comment, not me (Now you are acting like I started).

            The Z2 camera may have a Wider field of view, and in ANY Way I did NOT say it is SHIT, All I said was Sony has too many Limitations when it comes to there software, and they need to improve on it. They just want to FORCE people to use their Superior auto, not everyone likes to use their camera in Auto Mode. After all In my versus, I clearly stated all the Pros of the device and I said it is good (Gave credit for it for being good in low light as well), but not as good as the S5 (As proven by the Industry Standard) –

            Talking about the Audio lag, i think you are the one that is Blind because I didn’t even mention anything about 2K, I said 4K. Here’s some proof for you ( In my versus, I have updated that saying it was fixed with a Particular Update as well)

            See the other thing is when I point out a Flaw in iOS, I’m an Android Fan boy. When I point out a flaw in Sony, I’m a Samsung Fan boy. When I point out a flaw in Samsung what are you going to call me? Because the Samsung Rant is going to be here before Saturday (depending on the free time I have to Write it). Will wait and see. Haters Gonna Hate, and I ain’t gonna Stop!

          • Tharinda Dilochana

            You are the one whos complaining about a lag in sony devices, which is utter bs, theres no lag to complain about, and about the audio lag the 17.1.1.A.0.402 update fixed it completely. Remember when the s3 came out and it had a suddend death issue which was later fixed by a software update, companies makes mistakes and they fix them, move on.

            And dude I don’t give damn whether you stop or keep on writing biased rants like this, I have no reason to hate you either, so please by all means continue

          • I was complaining about the Software Lag because it was there. I won’t just complain about stuff. I complained because I saw it on my Friends Z2. On a Flagship like the Z2 that has less stuff, there shouldn’t be any Lagg. That’s what I’m trying to emphasize on. Whether you belive me or idk, you try and see for your self. It was noted by a lot of Reviwers in there reviews as well, commonly “Not as Fluid as you would Expect”. Yes the S3 and the Note 1 had the Sudden Death, but that was based on the eMMC Chip. Well I do understand that there can be issues, after all nothing is perfect; but being a Rant, I can’t stay without reporting on Small things even. In the world of reviewers; Small things do matter. That’s how we differentiate each product. Nitpicking is a Thing. You wouldn’t understand what I mean.

  • Ravindu Thimantha Gamage

    Agreed with most of the things but personally I hate Samsung than Sony (except note series minus touchwiz)

    • That’s on a more personal note… I as i have mentioned in that Rant, anyome can like whatever they want… But let me explain, another Rant is coming soon for Samsung but briefly Love it or Hate it it’s touchwiz… I personally LOVE IT (Not like, LOVE) anyways it has loads of features (whether you use it or not; i personally do) and the lag is caused by that sometimes BUT what we must remebr is that sony’s Xperia UI lags even without features; thats my problem… Come on if it doesnt have any fearures it has to be butter smooth, but is it? And still if its bad, easy solution… Root it install a custom rom – there are LOADS, LOADS! and it takes like less than 10mins (or even 5 mins sometimes) You can peactically make it look like whatever and even dualboot accordong to def support… Is it that simple in sony? I mean as i have explained bootloader prevents people from doing shit which is insanely crazy and stupid by sony… We pay for the damn device so we shoupd be able to do whatever the fuck we want with it, dont you agree? Thats my problem with sony.. I’m just doing these to just point the things out; hopefully sony will see this and work on these features (or they will end up like BlackBerry in no time)

    • That’s on a more personal note… I as i have mentioned in that Rant, anyome can like whatever they want… But let me explain, another Rant is coming soon for Samsung but briefly Love it or Hate it it’s touchwiz… I personally LOVE IT (Not like, LOVE) anyways it has loads of features (whether you use it or not; i personally do) and the lag is caused by that sometimes BUT what we must remebr is that sony’s Xperia UI lags even without features; thats my problem… Come on if it doesnt have any fearures it has to be butter smooth, but is it? And still if its bad, easy solution… Root it install a custom rom – there are LOADS, LOADS! and it takes like less than 10mins (or even 5 mins sometimes) You can peactically make it look like whatever and even dualboot accordong to def support… Is it that simple in sony? I mean as i have explained bootloader prevents people from doing shit which is insanely crazy and stupid by sony… We pay for the damn device so we shoupd be able to do whatever the fuck we want with it, dont you agree? Thats my problem with sony.. I’m just doing these to just point the things out; hopefully sony will see this and work on these features (or they will end up like BlackBerry in no time)

      • Ravindu Thimantha Gamage

        Exactly my point. Sony hasn’t updated their UI for ages and it’s too
        risky to root the Sony devices as it might cause problems. The note
        series is just perfect if it wasn’t for TouchWiz. So Samsung Galaxy Note
        without TouchWiz is just perfect.

        • You’re first point is sadly Completely wrong; that is this part “The Note Series is just perfect if it wasn’t for touchwiz. So Samsung Galaxy Note without touchwiz is just perfect”… Let me explain…

          What most people don’t see in touchwiz is its useful features, bro the Note is where it is today because of touchwiz and it’s features…. If the Note didn’ t have ANY of the S_Pen specific or large screen specifc samsung features, would it even make any sense for anyone to buy it? No…. Those S_Pen specific features are TOUCHWIZ features… Touchwiz (These Key features are the main selling point for samsung – apart from the display and S-Pen) This is why some people dont even want to install AOSP roms on their Note devices (Yes there are more spen apps now than compared to what we had in 2011, but the perfomance of those doesnt even come close to the performance of the Samsung’s native apps… Touchwiz has it’s own ways… They just need to fine tune it (You will only know the feel of it, if you use it long enough along with the features cz some call the gestures and multi window gimmicks but if you use it long enoigh you wont be able to live without it; especially multi window – ask any smartphone reviewer on Youtube you’ll see what i mean… These features as i said earlier gives people a purpose to buy their devices unlike the other phablets from sony and htc (ie Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max) Just the screen isnt enough….

      • Guest

        battery problem is something everyone using Sony devices experience.
        Play a game with high end graphics, the phone lags first, heats up
        second, and then reboots. But play the same game on a Samsung or some
        other device with the same specs, you get no problems at all. Somethings
        terribly gone wrong with the Sony smartphones since they got rebranded
        from Sony Ericson to Sony!

        • Yes the battery comment is exactly what i had in the opening lines of my rants “Sony Ericsson” was the good; the current sony (smartphones) are Shit (I’m being honest)

  • Nipuna Doraliyagoda

    Good Post Banu. But i see you only taken the Z series into consideration. true Sony has mistakes but i say that they are one of the best in the smartphone industry. 🙂

    • Thanks… Yes True, but they are not as good anymore. They were in the Top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world and now they are not. They need to think more and plan their stratergy and optimize their devices before releaseing… I did this to just point these out..

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