Samsung Trademarks “Galaxy Note Edge”; Is this going to be the Curved Galaxy Note 4?

The Galaxy Note 4 leaked earlier today giving us the First look at the Phablet. As mentioned in that Article, last week we got some rumors claiming that there will be a Curved Wrap around version of the Galaxy Note 4; But since the Note 4 that leaked was regular we doubted the existence of that device for a second, but now it looks like it’s all clear. The Wrap Around Version is going to be called the “Galaxy Note Edge”.


In an application filed just last week, Samsung signals its interest in trademarking the name Galaxy Note Edge for the purposes of describing a mobile phone. Given what we’ve already heard about the company’s work towards displays that bend around a phone’s edges, and how those rumors have specifically dealt with plans for a new Note device, it doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to believe that this might be the name that applies to the product that will ultimately bring that tech to market.

We are still not sure what else we are going to get with this device; but I think the specifications will be similar if not the same. We will have to wait and see until IFA where the Note 4 and possibly the Note Edge will also launch.

Source – USPTO

Via – Sammobile