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VIDEO : HOW TO : Install the RC Elite (Canadian S5 Port) V17 Rom on to the Galaxy Note 3

Due to popular demand here’s the RC Elite V17 Rom Installation Guide. This Rom was developed mainly by the Developer, cdmvirt. Don’t forget to show the developer some love by Hitting the “Thanks” button over at XDA and also by Donating.

If you recall, I did 2 videos earlier on other Galaxy S5 Ports. One was the Ice Black Rom, and the Other was the Canadian S5 Port (V16 – The Previous Version of this rom). This New Rom has more features over both of those and it is more stable as well. This rom also has fully working OTA Updates.

You need to be rooted & you MUST use Philz Recovery (Check the below for the download link and Video for the instructions on installing the Recovey). If you’re not Rooted, you can root your device by checking out the related forum over at XDA Developers, You can also contact me if you’re unable to find a safe method, so that I can send you the link. Checkout the Original Thread over at XDA Developers Website here.

Download Links

Download the Latest Philz Recovery File, EITHER the Beta Version or Stable Version of the S5 Port and also the Fixes that you need and then Transfer them to your Internal or External Memory (External SD Card is Recommended).

If you have any issues with this rom, you can post your questions over at the XDA-Thread, Rom-Central or you can leave your questions down below in the comments section. I will try my best to answer them. Checkout the Video down below and let me know what you think down below in the comments section. This is a must have for your Note 3, so make sure your try this if you have a Note 3.

WARNING – Whatever you do with your phone, you do that entirely on your own risk and you have full responsibility for the consequences. The author can’t be responsible for any damages of your phone!