Google announces Android Lollipop Update for Android Wear with big changes

Google releaed the official Android Lollipop update for the Nexus devices sometime back. We didn’t know much about the Android Lollipop update for the Android Wear devices, but today Google has announced the Android Lollipop update for Android Wear. Over the next week, Google will be pushing out an update to all Android Wear watches, as well as the Android Wear app.

The big focus of the new Android 5.0-based update is the addition of official watch face support through the long promised watch face API.

The watch faces will be available in the Play Store through a new section, which will make it a lot easier to find them. There will be “dozens” available at launch from designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Hugh Turvey, and Craig Ward. You can also get licensed watch faces from Plants vs. Zombies (EA) and Pac Man (Namco), as well. Check them out here.

Watch Face - square

Google is also updating the Android Wear companion app, to a more intuitive and easy to use form. The app will be able to show more details too.

According to Android Police,

  • Easier Navigation:
    • Quickly bring a card back if you’ve accidentally dismissed it
    • When you tap on the watch face, recently used actions now appear at the top of the list
  • New Modes:
    • Quickly access various settings by swiping down from the top of the screen
    • Theater Mode lets you keep the screen off and mute vibrations when you’re in a dark room
    • Sunlight Mode temporarily boosts the screen to maximum brightness
  • App Improvements
    • Easily block notifications from any app, directly from your watch
    • View your apps’ usage of battery and storage (in the Android Wear app)

It’s going to be a very interesting update. Are you waiting for this?

Source – Google

Via – Android Police