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Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 for Smartphones

The leaks were Accurate. This is exactly what we saw last week. In it’s event today Microsoft unveiled the Latest Version of it’s Mobile Operating System by dropping the “Phone” part from the heading. Windows for Mobile will also be called Windows 10, and it is now sort of unified across the PC, Tablets and Phones. Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the single operating system that will run across devices of all shapes and sizes. Along with Announcing Windows 10 for Smartphones, Microsoft also updated Windows 10 for the PC by adding Cortana, the new Spartan Browser which will replace Internet Explorer and also by adding many new design elements.

Windows 10 - Andro Dollar

Windows 10 for Smartphones now has the ability to set custom backgrounds.This allows users to have a much cleaner and more attractive interface. The settings menu has also been cleaned up dramatically just like on the Desktop version of Windows 10.

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Microsoft plans to deliver a universal experience that transfers seamlessly between devices. Just like on the Desktop Version of Windows 10, Action Center is improved in to the Smartphone version of Windows 10. Notifications are also synced across all the devices.

There’s also new support for Quick reply to notifications. Microsoft has also added the option to allow the keyboard to move and float around the screen.

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Microsoft is bringing back the messaging switching capabilities it used to have in Windows Phone previously. Now you can swap between talking to people over SMS, Skype, and other (Supported) apps. Skype is the only chat app to have this level of deep integration so far, but More apps will be integrated soon.

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Microsoft also unveiled a Touch version of the Office suite which will be able to do more things right from your smartphone.

Maps will feature full Cortana integration and the universal app makes it easy to plan a route on a computer and send it to your phone.

Photos also features OneDrive integration and The app will handle duplicates and burst-shots to avoid clutter and automatically group photos in albums. There’s also auto-enhance that handles common issues with photos.

The Spartan Browser introduced in Windows 10 for PC will be available on Windows Phone 10 as well, so users will have to say good bye to Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft also showed off a lot of unified apps, which they want to work seamlessly across all devices.


Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for All Windows Phone 8.1 users and according to Microsoft the first release of Windows 10 for Smartphones will be in February to all the users who are enrolled with the Developer Program.

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