Apple Watch will be released on the 24th of April; Prices start from $350 and goes up to a whopping $17000

Apple held an event today and more details about the Apple Watch prices have finally been unveiled.We got the release date of the Price List and the Launch Date of the Apple Watch along with the extra stuff we are getting with it.

In-case you missed my frist Article about the Apple Watch, check it out here beause it has all the information that was first unveiled. As a recap, there are 3 versions of the Apple Watch. They are, The Apple Watch, The Apple Watch Sport and The Apple Watch Edition.

All the models come in 2 sizes; large (42mm one mainly aimed at males) and small (38mm one mainly aimed at females)

The Apple Watch prices start from $350 and goes up to a whopping $17000. The individual prices are listed below for each model.


Apple Watch Sport (made out of a custom aluminum alloy that is 60% tougher)

$350 for 38mm Apple Watch Sport
$400 for 42mm Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch (made of stainless steel)

$550 – $1050 for 38mm Apple Watch
$600 – $1100 for 42mm Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition (made of 18-karat gold)

$10,000 – $17,000 for Apple Watch Edition


The Apple Watch pre-orders will begin on the 10th of April, and it will be available for purchase on the 24th of April. So anyone buying one? I am not.

Source – Apple