HTC “Uh-Oh” Protection Service will take Smart Phone Repairs to the Next Level

HTC launched the HTC One M9 on the 1st of March, and we now know everything about the device. If you missed it, Check out my All you need to know article about the HTC One M9 here. Today at a Press Event, HTC has Officially announced the Uh-Oh Program, which will provide HTC One M9 Customers, Free Replacement Units if anything happens to the device.

The service even covers the device from the screen being cracked to water going in to destroy the device. The service will be available to the Customers of the HTC One M9 in the 1st year of Owning the One M9. It’s totally free and if you don’t use the service, HTC will give you a $100 discount on the purchase of the Next HTC Device.

If you’re careful enough with your handset, then you won’t need this, so you can save $100, but still this is a Great Service, and it is totally worth it in my opinion. This program will be available on other HTC Models in the future as well.

The Only down side to this service as of now is that it’s only available for the US Customers of the HTC One M9. Hopefully HTC will expand soon. What do you think about this service? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source – HTC