Photos of the iPhone 6C Rear Housing has Leaked

Last week we heard that Apple is planning to unveil 3 new iPhones this year, the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C & iPhone 6S+. Today we have got the First Leaked images of the Rear housing of the iPhone 6C.

It looks drastically similar to the iPhone 5C, and sometimes I just felt like these images could even be photo-shopped (And that is certainly possible) but the Source claims that this is the real deal.

Compared to the iPhone 5C, there are a couple obvious changes highlighted here. The flash seems to be getting an upgrade, and now it looks like it will feature the same dual flasher found on the iPhone 5S and above. It also looks like the Speaker Grill Holes have been doubled this time around at the bottom.


The iPhone 6C will pack improved specifications (or if not much similar specifications to the iPhone 6 – If Apple decides to repeat what they did last year). These devices won’t be out until the latter part of the year, so the wait is long!

So do you think this is the real deal or do you think this is fake? Let me know in the comments below.

Source – Future Supplier