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The Official name of Android N is Android Nougat!

Google just dropped the Official Name of Android N and it’s called Android Nougat! It has been sometime since Google unveiled the next version of Android, initially called Android N.

Many had a doubt about the version number of the latest version of Android as well, but as the video above confirms it, the version number of Android Nougat is 7.0.

This year at Google I/O, Google even allowed fans to suggest a name for Android N, and the demand was quite so much the website crashed quite a lot. Well, Android is too popular I guess.

Now that we know the official name of Android N, soon we will see the final version of it come out, hopefully running on a brand new Nexus device.

The latest version of Android, Android Nougat will bring a redesigned notification panel, support for side-by-side apps, VR enhancements, and a ton of other improvements.

This is some exciting news. What do you guys think about the name?

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Source – Google