CIMA launches CGMA Finance Leadership Programme in Sri Lanka, here’s what’s new!

In early 2020 if someone asked you to attend a class to learn online – you would have certainly hesitated! You’d be like I’d rather Netflix (and even chill) but thanks to the effects of the pandemic, students, academics, professionals – simply all of us have no choice! 

With the global pandemic taking over the world in 2020 and now in 2021 and with us not seeing when this will end, everyone is now forced to go online. One of the most important things when going online is having a proper plan to achieve our set goals and dreams and the world of education has been impacted as we all know.

Do you know what most of the CEOs and Business Leaders in Sri Lanka have in common? They’ve all got a Professional Qualification that is world class and globally recognized and that is CIMA! Short for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants established in 1919, it is a globally recognized qualification for careers in Business & Finance.

CIMA is trying to make education and resources accessible to all the students no matter where they are with their revolutionary new platform. The students can use this platform whenever they want at their own pace (through a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer) to go forward in their careers. CIMA told me that the platform is also developed in such a way, low bandwidth will be consumed, so that’s one less thing to worry about. This new state of the art system by CIMA called FLP (CGMA Finance Leadership Programme) is targeted at new students but support for current students will also come in the near future. It is not a pilot program though because it was built based on employer feedback and was tested successfully in the US and is now used by most corporates in the US and Europe.

Registration for this CGMA FLP platform will be through the CIMA website.

Register through the following link – https://bit.ly/3c6ABkn

More information – https://www.cimaglobal.com/Our-locations/SriLanka/Finance-Leadership-Program/

Call – +94 76 2233 880 or +94 76 3773 880 for more information

Contact CIMA via Facebook for more information – https://www.facebook.com/CIMASriLanka/

If you’re a student, you have full access to select how many topics you want to do. You have full flexibility to go forward with the lessons. You can follow what you’re most interested in first, which is great relaxation to the mind.

On the home page of the platform you have access to your messages, topics you can learn, and even access to the financial magazine all digitally.

When it comes to the learning, it is laid out competency-wise and not topics/subject-wise. This has been done to focus on skills and competencies. I like this flexibility in the CIMA FLP system and it also helps that I can get a valuable skill certificate each time I complete a skill. 

This visually clear platform makes it easy for you to keep track of what you’re learning about. This is one such competency. It is laid out in a way anybody can learn, ready and understand it.

If you have a look at the platform, it will be clear to you that it is very user friendly and usability wise it is neat. It has an adoptive learning and testing mechanism to make sure the students focus on their studies when they are following a competency. This platform is built with a focus on Artificial intelligence and based on how you perform, the content will be catered for you.

CIMA as a whole is built in a way it will give you theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge that will prepare you for the real corporate world. With this platform, everything goes digital and makes it easy for you to get your certifications faster now.

CIMA promises continuous updates for competencies therefore you will always be learning the latest content and you get access to all the global resources. There are also Business Simulation Assignments for each competency you pick and for the case study assessments you can get Feedback from global assessors when taking the capstone case study exam.

The great thing is at all times you have full visibility on the progress you have made. You can clearly see the percentage of what you have learned, which is useful. This might motivate you to keep going.

CIMA comes with a lot of recognition and this will enable you to get the most desired and requested competency certificate at the end of each level from the largest professional body of management accountants on top of the skill certificates. If you want to be a part of the next generation of Sri Lankan Business Leaders I would certainly suggest you check about the CIMA Finance Leadership Programme. It might help you get your qualifications faster! 

There are some special benefits when it comes to the course fee for Sri Lankan University students who are interested in following CIMA and that’s at a more affordable rate.

You can get a deeper understanding about how this platform works, how to register yourself and how to use it if you checkout my video on it over at www.youtube.com/androdollar, or you can simply search YouTube for “Andro Dollar CIMA FLP”.

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